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Technology Overview

UNIBEST’s suite of patented nutrient monitoring systems are founded upon advanced ion-exchange resin technologies that adsorb nutrients only in forms available for plant uptake in the time they are growing.

For understanding precision nutrient availability in agriculture, golf courses, sports turf, lawn, garden and nursery applications, UNIBEST’s resin systems simulate the ion-dynamics experienced in the soil-root system.    


Data obtained from UNIBEST Resin Platforms reflect the active, dynamic components of field moist soils and their individually unique bioavailability systems as they function over time.

Methods that extract soil nutrients with a suite of laboratory chemicals may not accurately reflect how elements in a natural soil environment respond to continuous nutrient removal by biological activity over time. Let UNIBEST Resin Platforms provide this data!

Monitors 14 nutrient simultaneously

NH4-N- Ammonium
NO3-N- Nitrate
P- Phosphorus
Ca- Calcium
Mg- Magnesium
Na- Sodium
Fe- Iron
Mn- Manganese
B- Boron
Cu- Copper
- Zinc
Al- Aluminum