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Research & Development

UNIBEST partners with leading Universities and Colleges across the globe in multiple areas of research including agriculture, forestry, climate change and sustainable solutions. Staff members have been recognized for expertise in ion-exchange resin formulations and studies. Next generation research will include remote sensing and nano-technology platforms.

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UNIBEST was founded upon the completion of high quality research, with 350+ partners across the globe. We are actively seeking grant and partnership opportunities in the following disciplines:

  • New Resin blends for contaminant monitoring (e.g. cadmium contamination in agricultural soils)
  • In-Situ testing for seasonal monitoring
  • Remote sensing and GPS interface
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Watershed and Environmental Monitoring (see below)

UNIBEST is looking to further expand cutting edge platforms for soil testing and environmental monitoring. Our laboratory in the William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center is approved by the USDA to accept international soils under permit # Pss0-14-00137. UNIBEST is committed to the development of new and innovative solutions for the next generation markets. We continue to work with universities and other academic/research institutions to ensure scientific methods from the cornerstone of commercial acceptance.

UNIBEST is uniquely positioned to take advantage of national, as well as global opportunities to partner with various corporations, agencies, and research institutions.

Click here for a partial list of University Partners 

New Focus Area

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UNIBEST International, LLC is looking to develop new research partnerships in the areas of watershed and environmental monitoring including:

  • Nutrient movement/Hypoxia studies
  • Urban water research and contaminant transport
  • Reclamation/remediation studies including groundwater
  • NPDES, NEPA and Best Management Practices Research areas