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Soil Savvy™ FAQ

Should I remove anything from the jar filled with liquid?

No, please DO NOT remove the de-ionized water or the Soil Savvy synthetic plant root resin capsule (red and white marble looking item some customers call it Wink) from the vial. Both of those items are needed to begin the soil analysis portion, as there is a soaking period so our resin capsule can capture those nutrients bound up in your soil. If you have accidentally spilled, poured out a majority of the liquid, or removed the resin capsule after sending off for some reason, please contact us and we will notify the lab to either introduce further liquids or resin capsule upon arrival to your sample (Note: If this happens it is okay, but your results will be delayed to allow for that soak time).

How do I look up my results online?

Please have your barcode number ready, and CLICK HERE! Please note, if you have troubles accessing your report or unable to look it up, please contact us.

What do I do, when I receive my report?

If your soil is in need of nutrients, there will be a Synthetic and Organic fertilizer recommendation that will have been included at the top of the report under your information. 

If you are unsure what to do with your soil results or not familiar on how to apply your fertilizer recommendation (If one is needed), feel free to reach out to us, and we can assign one of our agronomists to assist in your lawn and garden needs. 

Can I buy the Soil Savvy™ test kit in a store?

Not at the moment, we currently only offer our Soil Savvy™ test kit at the following online marketplaces: This website under Products, Amazon.com and eBay.com.

How do I take a proper soil sample or composite?

Using a hand shovel or soil probe, extract about 1/4 cup of soil between 0-6 inches in depth (Note: Sample depth depends on crop type and effective rooting depth). Depending on the size of area to be tested, take multiple soil samples (approximately 4-8 samples) in various areas for 1 soil composite. As much as possible, remove any roots, twigs, thatch or leaves before placing soil extraction into your container. Now thoroughly mix that soil to create composite, and use the provided scoop to measure out your soil prior to placing into the jar filled with liquid and capsule.

What do I do with the other barcode sticker?

Please remove second barcode and as instructed place onto your customer card before sending off for analysis. This will allow you to lookup your individual data results on our website.

Does each kit only provide for one test sample?

Yes, (1) Soil Savvy Test kit should represent the entire lawn if it is all fertilized/managed the same. If some areas are being managed/fertilized differently (i.e. Shaded vs. Sunny areas), you will need to test each of those areas separately, requiring a separate Soil Savvy kit for each of those respective areas.

For each area being tested, collect soil from multiple locations within that area and mix them together to get a representative sample of that area.

How many elements does the Soil Savvy™ test kit check for?

The Soil Savvy™ test kit analyzes and provides a customized report on your Lawn or Garden, comprised of soil pH and 14 additional nutrients (Both Macro and Micro) including (N, P, K). For further examples, please visit our Lawn & Garden page as we have examples of the report(s) at the bottom of the page.

What if I need multiple Soil Savvy™ Test kits for my lawn or garden?

It is highly recommended to purchase mutiple Soil Savvy™ test kits for large areas, or areas which need isolated attention and analysis. If multiple test kits are used, it is a good idea to isolate sections where possible (i.e., Shady vs Sunny areas, Good Performing Areas vs Bad Performing Areas, etc...). And annotate on the submission form those different areas so when you get your results you are able to differentiate between the kits purchased.