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We are excited to announce the launch of our new Soil Savvy™ Website!  Visit: mysoilsavvy.com to:

  • Access Soil Savvy™ reports

  • Purchase Soil Savvy™

  • Expanded content, FAQ’s and Helpful videos


Soil SavvyTM for the Smart Gardener


The same soil testing technology used by leading agricultural producers, turf managers and landscapers is now available to the home garden community.  Soil Savvy™ is a professional grade soil test kit that provides pH and a fertilizer recommendation for both organic and synthetic nutrient products.  A truly sustainable approach to fertilizer management, Soil Savvy™ determines what nutrients are needed by your plants and eliminates over application of the nutrients you don’t need.

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Easy To Use!

Using Soil Savvy™ is quick and easy!  Simply place a portion of the soil into the provided Soil Savvy™ container and mail it in the provided pre-paid postage envelope. 

Once your Soil Savvy™ is analyzed by the UNIBEST laboratory, your results are available via email or on our website here - Soil Savvy Results.


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Customer Reports

In addition to a fertilizer recommendation, each Soil Savvy™ report highlights 14 critical plant nutrients as well as soil pH.  The report also includes a description of soil nutrients and their individual roles in plant health. 

Example Report (click on images below for preview of each)

Soil Savvy (Sample Report) Page 1 of 2Soil Savvy (Sample Report) Page 2 of 2 

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