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About Us

About Us

UNIBEST is a technology development and professional services company specializing in innovative agricultural testing and environmental sustainability.

History & Direction

UNIBEST, the short form of UNIversal Bioavailability Environmental/Soil Test, was re-established in 2010 to target the advantages of a new Patent for ion-exchange resin testing within agricultural markets.  In 1999, following several years of focused scientific studies, UNIBEST International worked with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) so that the company could access PNNL’s state-of-the-art Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory to proceduralize its analytical and laboratory methods. Today, UNIBEST and PNNL cooperate together in a formal Mentor-Protégé Agreement. The company also teamed with commercial agri-business to expand its research & development capabilities and complete activities necessary for market introduction.

Field Advancements

For the last four years UNIBEST has been providing farmers, agribusiness and home garden consumers with monitoring products and data that are suited for their own unique application – whether that be to optimize crop management, understand environmental contamination, or grow a healthier backyard plant.  In any case, we are a trusted resource, diligently helping our customers succeed.

Robust Back End

  • Proven Protocols
  • One Method
  • Training

UNIBEST Sustainable Solutions:

Increased governmental regulation concerning environmental issues is beginning to greatly affect the agriculture industry. With little increase in farmable acres and a rapidly increasing global population, growers must maximize acreage by increasing crop yields and quality. Increasing yields often involves increased fertilizer inputs, driving a greater demand for precision nutrient data. Current methods make the balance of plant uptake, nutrient application timing and the minimization of environmental impacts difficult. UNIBEST precision nutrient monitoring products and services assist in achieving both agricultural and environmental objectives. Quantifying sustainable agricultural production is an attainable goal with UNIBEST precision nutrient data.

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