Technology Overview

UNIBEST monitoring systems are founded upon advanced ion-exchange resin technologies that adsorb nutrients only in forms available for plant uptake in the time they are growing.  For understanding nutrient availability in agriculture, lawn, garden, nursery and golf courses applications alike, UNIBEST’s advanced resin systems simulate the ion dynamics experienced in the soil-root system.  Analysis provides the true concentrations of nutrients available to your plant in its natural environment. 

Top professional agronomists, home gardeners, and turf managers around the world are using data obtained from UNIBEST resin systems to optimize soil amendment and fertility applications to grow healthier and higher quality plants while simultaneously minimizing the off-target movement of environmentally sensitive nutrients such as Nitrates and Phosphorus.

Soil Testing and Monitoring Products


UNIBEST has several advantages over potential competition.

UNIBEST is uniquely positioned to take advantage of national, and global opportunities to partner with various corporations, agencies, and research institutions.


"All of the critical nutrients for plant nutrition are absorbed in one capsule. Numerous environmental parameters can be simultaneously monitored"

UNIBEST replaces archaic agricultural soil testing methods and simplifies environmental testing.